Music and moon dependent.

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Trust me, I’m leaving you soon. No need for the unessissary stress you give me.

It’s simple, you make me happy and then I do whatever you want me to do. The reason why I’m such a bitch now is because I’m not happy. Wa-lah

Like I can’t even use my social media as a secrecy to an outlet to my feelings because I have someone fucking hounding me about it all the fucking time. Fuck this. If I was taught to express my feelings maybe it wouldn’t be so hard. But all I had was the internet and my thoughts since I wasslways grounded for stupid shit or accused if being in a gang. Fuck everything. My love life is almost shit because I’m dTkng someone who I think cares about me but we almost have nothing in common anymore. Maybe it’s all just me. Fuck everything.

I’m fucking miserable with EVERYTHING.

I need to turn lesbian or something, then I won’t get pregnant and have all the sex I want. #thankyoustrapons


Imagine being pregnant in new york

and your husband gets a cab for you and you’re rushing to the hospital when


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